Candidate’s Wives

I’ve been glued to the TV and the current political debates for seemingly months, and I think newspeople and pundits have missed a crucial piece of the picture, candidate’s wives. Has anyone else noticed the preponderance of blondes? I know that Republican candidates’s wives are usually blonde, but this year’s crop must make hair colorists dizzy with delight. Of course, I realize Herman Cain’s wife was not blonde, but he effectively hid her from view while campaigning, so she hardly hit the tv screens of America.

One that stands out above the rest is Newt Gringrich’s wife, Callista. Her hairstyle is not only glaringly blonde, but seems to defy the laws of physics. It never moves, and never changes. I saw her late at night in Iowa and then brutally early the next morning, and not a hair had moved. Does she sleep sitting up in a chair? The sassy sweep on the left side of her head was firmly in place.  I think her hairstyle resembles a helmet. I have been paying particular attention, surmising that perhaps it was a wig, but no, it seems to be her hair. I guess that when one has a revolving acount at Tiffany, one must look perfect at all times. I can’t visualize her in a garden behind the White House, can you?

Oh, well, not going to happen.


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