This is the United States I Love

A while back I watched singer Ted Nugent rant and rave and literally threaten to kill the president. And his audience clapped. It seemed to be a culmination of all the extreme right wing’s thoughts and actions over the last 3 years.  It scared me and sickened me because, after all, these are the people who, out of fear and loathing, are amassing arsenals in their homes. If they feel that way about the president and his supporters, what will they do to me and the people I love?

And then this morning I watched an amazing You Tube video called BoatLift : an Untold Story of 9/11 Resilience and I cried. This short film epitomizes the United States I love. It is the United States we can be, but not if we continue to spew hatred at each other, not if we continue to demonize candidates and claim they are what they are not just to scare voters and ourselves.

Watch this video. It will make you proud. Hopefully it will remind you of what we were and what we can be again. Beware of outside influences and money that foster fear and hatred.  That is NOT who we are. This is what we are:


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