A Modest Proposal

One of the travesties of today is the plight of our military. A miniscule percentage of our population has been fighting our wars and have been deployed numerous times. This puts enormous strain on their spouses. Compound this with a rise in suicides, debilitating injuries and lack of jobs upon their return,and we can easily see that our brave soldiers are under water, so to speak.

I propose that not only should communities support the families, employers find them sustainable jobs, schools help their children but  to give them a leg up, any soldier who is fighting or has fought in a foreign war or police action should be given free utilities for life. Our country owes them relief from the cold or heat at a minimum while they are reentering civilian life. It is a small thing, but could be huge to them, especially those who are homeless and can little afford to set up an apartment for themselves. We all stood by and watched them fight for us and too many of them die, now let’s all think of what WE could do to help current and former members of the military and their families.




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