Today the last of our troops crossed over to Kuwait, thus ending the longest, most expensive, biggest mistake in this nation’s 235 years. You can argue about the motivation behind this war, but even the most adamant of supporters must agree it was partially based on the lie that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

It was a war fought by gallant armed forces who returned time and time again and have, I’m afraid, been irrevocably damaged by it. They and their families have born the burden while the rest of us have sat back and tsk tsked. Others have postured and demanded that we remain and have soothed what must be their guilt by loudly thanking soldiers “for their service.” These soldiers gave much more than service. They gave not only their blood, but their careers, their families, and for too many, their mental wellbeing.

This morning on one of the talk shows I watched a member of the Bush administration assert that we have left Iraq better than we found it. How can that be?  Upwards of 110,000 Iraqi civilians have been verified killed, countless thousands have been injured. Many areas have not been rebuilt, others have no electricity or still have rolling blackouts and no running water.  Untold thousands fled the country while sectarian violence was exacerbated. Over 4,800 American soldiers have died, over 32,000 have been injured. This can not be better.

I say thank God we have finally left. We had no business there. It is time to rebuild this country. It is time for our soldiers to come home and rebuild their strength. If they can…

Welcome Home.


On Traveling Through Oklahoma

While traveling between Tulsa & Oklahoma City recently , we encountered this wonderful radio show called Open Line on KJGG (?) FM. This is a call-in show covering half of Oklahoma whereby folks can buy & sell or trade items. One woman wanted someone to clean her house. Another wanted to sell her old ” like new” king mattess & sofa sleeper. There were rabbit hutches, stock carriers, old pick ups, & A diesel tractor on offer & a plea for some “fryin’ rabbits already dressed.” [Maybe he should hook up with the guy who had rabbit hutches for sale .]One man assured us he had a banjo that “looked like a banjo, sold like a banjo, but played like a guitar.” only $250. In the middle of this, it was announced that 2 horses were loose up by the middle school. My favorite was Reverend Joe who was trying once more to sell his model airplanes for $5,000. He needed $6900 to fix the church roof & remarked things would just get more expensive. One man wanted some 2″ pipe. When asked how much, he said, ” lots.” He wanted to build a corral.  [perhaps for those horses by the school.] Another lady had a large turkey platter for sale along with a set of Longhorn horns. She may have also been the one who said her set of dishes on sale were “real pretty. They weren’t from Walmart.”

Then there were the announcements. The Community Church was having a Chili Supper for Hunters. Bring in your deer. There will be a prize for the biggest. [What do you do with the deer doing the supper?] The local library was the most enterprising. In addition to the book sale which would have books for sale for 10 – 25 cents completely cataloged,(!!!) they announced a cookie exchange. Just bring in a couple of dozen. (obviously no health dept here) The top event of the week at the library was the showing of the movie “Scrooged.”
All in all. Good down home helpfulness.

Now Texas is something else. As we were approaching Amarillo we encountered the “Jesus Christ is Lord, Not a Swearword Truck Stop!” … Enough Said!!

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