We Need Leaders Not Readers !!!

This afternoon Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain was asked about his recent unintelligible comments about Libya and other foreign policy subjects. He went on a diatribe saying that no leader can know everything, That is why you pick and choose what your interests are and hire good people who know about the rest. He ended his comments with the statement that “We need leaders not readers.”

OMG, Be still my retired librarian heart!

I spent most of my adult life fostering reading, seeking out facts and the truth of any subject for myself and more importantly for any library patron seeking assistance. To hear someone who is ostensibly running for president make such a statement chills me to the bone. There were actually people in the audience cheering this imbecile. That scares me even more. They are the same type of “Americans” who cheered executions, booed a gay soldier and look up to a cast of presidential contenders who continue to pander to their fears, who denigrate educated people as “elitists”, and who make fun of  men of thoughtfulness, and  compromise.

At least Herman Cain has explained this phenomenon.  These candidates and voters are obviously not readers …  and proud of it!    We are in deep do-do!


Los[t] Leaders

A  market research firm, IHS iSuppli, divulged this week that the new Kindle priced at $79 actually costs $84.25 to produce.  Add the free shipping and packaging that Amazon provides and we have what is known as a Loss Leader.  In grocery store lingo that is a cheap product which lures in shoppers. Even though the store may lose money on that specific product, businessmen bank on the fact that shoppers will buy many other products while in the store which will eventually glean profits.   I’m sure Amazon hopes that new Kindle owners will purchase books and magazine subscriptions through their own store eventually recouping their costs.  In addition, this model of the Kindle has ads on it. Another money making proposition.

This leads me to think about our own Los[t] Leaders…those politicians in state houses as well as Washington that are spending more than they are taking in. I think they should take note of the Amazon model. First, they could open government stores linked to food stamps, social security payments and other services they provide. Taxpayers might be induced to buy Statue of Liberty keychains, or John Boehner golf clubs, Nancy Pelosi jewelry or Mitch Mcconnell throat lozenges. And just think of the opportunity for billboards on the Washington Monument or on the side of Air Force One….Maybe we do need businessmen in office:)

Busywork in Congress

Do you remember when you were little and a teacher gave you busywork…usually repetitious efforts that had no real useful intent, but just kept you busy, while she could help the students who needed more work, or step out of the room for a few moments, or took a day off and got a substitute teacher she didn’t actually trust to teach you, so used busywork sort of as a place holder.

Well imagine my surprise when I realized that that is precisely what Congress is doing in 2011.  Rather than actually address the deep problems our country faces, rather than bring forth their own jobs producing legislation, or, God forbid, actually pass the Obama jobs bill, the Republicans have been doing Busywork. They are continually coming up with legislation which is meaningless. For example, today they spent time haranguing about their bill to declare “In God We Trust” as the motto of the U.S.   That despite the fact that it is already considered the national motto.  Wikipedia states “In God We Trust” was adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956.”  Busywork.  Other important legislation they have been pushing  guarantees that taxpayers wouldn’t be forced to pay for abortions. The fact that legally that is already forbidden didn’t stop them from doing it again and again.

Why are they doing this? Could it be they think the teacher has left the room, and they can’t do any real work until she returns?

Could it be that they are incapable of coming up with any new legislation and must restate the laws they like ad nauseum.

Methinks the truth is that Busywork is all they can do.

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