One More Poll

Since I am truly masochistic at heart, I’m watching the Sunday Morning News Shows. The pundits are scrabbling for a glimpse at political news. It seems that there are probably 125 different polls going on simultaneously. Forget Pew and Gallup, let’s concentrate on the DesMoines Iowa inner city poll,  Florida commuter polls, the Helena straw poll.. Candy Crowell is trying to show some significance in purchased halloween costumes. (It seems the nation is so disgusted at politicians that they would rather be a zombie this year.)

Who will win, who will win? It looks like there are approximately 100 pundits who rotate on the various news shows and weigh in on their world view weekly. Once in awhile one takes a week or two of vacation, but then come back energized and they are everywhere.  Since they and their minions seem to be in charge of what we think about the candidates, our economy and our neighbors, I think we need one more poll.

The “Ricki’s World View Poll of the Best Pundit”

In this poll, I am not giving you a list of choices…there are over 100 for God’s sake. I just want everyone to comment on which of these yeasayers and naysayers most succinctly and logically voice their views of the looming election and candidates. Is there one out there who has a substantive knowledge of concepts, honestly voices these ideas and is not just a flunky for either party. Just comment your vote.

Next time we may have a poll of the worst pundit, so while you are voting, keep in mind who is nothing but a party parrot.


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