2 1/2 lb Sugar

I’m convinced that it is only a matter of time until the sugar industry begins packing sugar into 2 1/2 lb. bags.  That way one need only buy 2 bags to get the 5 lbs of sugar we used to get in one.  Of course we will be paying double the cost. This thought occurred to me this week when I went shopping for Halloween candy for the little tricksters in my neighborhood. The first problem arose when the “2 for $3” bags of candy I had thrown into my cart suddenly became $2.99 each at the cash register… seems the sign over the display was in truth the price of some tiny things on the shelf above. Taking these bags back to the display, I realized that the bags only contained 11 oz. of candy….which means the 1 lb bags I used to buy had not only shrunk in size but were now more expensive. You probably noticed that the manufacturers didn’t decrease the size to 12 oz. but leapt ahead to 11 oz.   pretty soon 8 oz bags of tiny candy bars will be on the shelves.

We can only conclude that once again the evil corporate world has stuck it to consumers, maliciously decreasing the size of containers and simultaneously raising prices. All manner of canned goods have suddenly become 11.5 oz rather than the previous 15 .5 oz.  5 lb bags of flour and sugar have become 4 pounds.  Imagine the profit they have gleaned from this manipulation of sizes. It’s similar to those $10-$20 pills the pharmaceutical industry offers us, the $404 socket wrench that companies sold to our government…and the $25 plates Halliburton provides in the military mess halls and charge us  everytime a soldier gets a refill. We are so screwed!


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