And They Wonder Why People Are Marching

In the October 11 AARP Bulletin an article caught my eye causing me to storm out of the bathroom this morning. It seems 70 year old Sharon Bulington and her husband had refinanced their mortgage with Bank of America. Last December Sharon sent in her first new payment a week early. WRONG! Because she had sent the check a week early BOA claimed that invalidated the loan modification and began foreclosure!! Not until the she got lawyers and had her congressmen intervene did BOA relent and admit their “MISTAKE”  Their mistake was trying to foreclose on  someone who fought back.

This is why people are marching in the street including the elderly.  Bankers who are causing incredible hardship on the little guy, who have their money grubbing hands in everyone’s pockets (BOA’s $5 per month fee for using a debit card to pay for groceries) should be sent to jail with the other criminals…There’s something to this 99% mentality of the marchers. Too bad I have bad feet .


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