Oh, Lord, I Sound like a Republican!

Late last week Massachusetts police received a 911 call from a family lost in a corn maze. Twilight was turning to darkness and this man, woman and their children felt trapped within the maze. The police dispatcher first tried to calm the woman on the phone and then asked to speak with her husband.

When the man got on the phone, the dispatcher again assured them that police were on the way, told him to calm his wife, and then asked the husband for his age.  “42”  the man answered and then continued, “No one has come out to get us. We can see the lights of the buildings, but you’d think the people who ran this place would have come out after us.”

Now, I grew up on a farm and spent a lot of my childhood hiding and running through corn fields. I know how tall and dense the fields can get, but I always knew I could get out…and I was a child. To me the fact that these people 30 and 42 years old could actually see the lights from the farm buildings and did not walk toward the lights  is symptomatic of a people who are waiting for someone else to rescue them, who do not have either the initiative or intelligence to actually help themselves. Americans, there are no K-9 units coming to help us!

Oh, Lord, I sound like a Republican!


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