I Want My Country Back!

Hank Williams Jr who. in his latest drunken appearance,  compared President Obama to Hitler and declared him the “enemy” is emblematic of a deep and possibly fatal breach in the U.S.  And if we, as citizens, continue in our oblivious way, this division may ultimately destroy us.  Shortly after the 2008 election, I inadvertently dialed in to a talk radio show featuring ultra right pundit Mark Levin. With syllables dripping with venom he screeched that Liberals  wanted to destroy “Our Way of Life.” compared them with commies and socialists who hated America and declared that he wanted his country back. To every caller who agreed with him, he, as well as his alter ego Rush Limbaugh, repeated the phrase, “You’re a fine American.”

As if liberals were not?!? When did this happen? I vividly remember the dissension surrounding the Vietnamese War.  My husband was drafted and spent a year in Nam…I resented the pundits and protestors, but I never declared them unAmerican. Even in my fear for his safety, I recognized that they, too, were worried about the direction of the country. We simply disagreed — we were not enemies. I didn’t arm myself.

Now I want My country back. a land that has stood for freedom to the entire world. a country that welcomed my ancestors with open arms and gave them untold opportunities to succceed with hard work. a rich tapestry of states and communities that had a common goal  although they may have had a diverse heritage. A country which recognizes that liberal views married with conservative theories is what built this nation. A people who have always had a big heart, who helped their neighbors, even those who were silly, a people who cheered not only for our flag but for the success of our fellow citizens and who joined forces to achieve  wonders. Folks who realized that the flag worn on one’s sleeve could never compare to the flag imprinted on one’s heart. A people who believe that the Constitution was formed by our founders to be the glue that held us together, not the pathway to Civil War.  And that we are all “fine Americans.”


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  1. Pat Groh
    Oct 05, 2011 @ 17:27:08

    Hey, Ricki — Have you been watching the documentary on the Prohibition era? The country you want back was, alas, never yours, except for brief shining moments, when we probably didn’t know what evil lurked behind the scenes. I’m so far down that thoughts that ‘it was ever thus’ are cheering me up. Pat


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