One More Poll

Since I am truly masochistic at heart, I’m watching the Sunday Morning News Shows. The pundits are scrabbling for a glimpse at political news. It seems that there are probably 125 different polls going on simultaneously. Forget Pew and Gallup, let’s concentrate on the DesMoines Iowa inner city poll,  Florida commuter polls, the Helena straw poll.. Candy Crowell is trying to show some significance in purchased halloween costumes. (It seems the nation is so disgusted at politicians that they would rather be a zombie this year.)

Who will win, who will win? It looks like there are approximately 100 pundits who rotate on the various news shows and weigh in on their world view weekly. Once in awhile one takes a week or two of vacation, but then come back energized and they are everywhere.  Since they and their minions seem to be in charge of what we think about the candidates, our economy and our neighbors, I think we need one more poll.

The “Ricki’s World View Poll of the Best Pundit”

In this poll, I am not giving you a list of choices…there are over 100 for God’s sake. I just want everyone to comment on which of these yeasayers and naysayers most succinctly and logically voice their views of the looming election and candidates. Is there one out there who has a substantive knowledge of concepts, honestly voices these ideas and is not just a flunky for either party. Just comment your vote.

Next time we may have a poll of the worst pundit, so while you are voting, keep in mind who is nothing but a party parrot.


2 1/2 lb Sugar

I’m convinced that it is only a matter of time until the sugar industry begins packing sugar into 2 1/2 lb. bags.  That way one need only buy 2 bags to get the 5 lbs of sugar we used to get in one.  Of course we will be paying double the cost. This thought occurred to me this week when I went shopping for Halloween candy for the little tricksters in my neighborhood. The first problem arose when the “2 for $3” bags of candy I had thrown into my cart suddenly became $2.99 each at the cash register… seems the sign over the display was in truth the price of some tiny things on the shelf above. Taking these bags back to the display, I realized that the bags only contained 11 oz. of candy….which means the 1 lb bags I used to buy had not only shrunk in size but were now more expensive. You probably noticed that the manufacturers didn’t decrease the size to 12 oz. but leapt ahead to 11 oz.   pretty soon 8 oz bags of tiny candy bars will be on the shelves.

We can only conclude that once again the evil corporate world has stuck it to consumers, maliciously decreasing the size of containers and simultaneously raising prices. All manner of canned goods have suddenly become 11.5 oz rather than the previous 15 .5 oz.  5 lb bags of flour and sugar have become 4 pounds.  Imagine the profit they have gleaned from this manipulation of sizes. It’s similar to those $10-$20 pills the pharmaceutical industry offers us, the $404 socket wrench that companies sold to our government…and the $25 plates Halliburton provides in the military mess halls and charge us  everytime a soldier gets a refill. We are so screwed!

And They Wonder Why People Are Marching

In the October 11 AARP Bulletin an article caught my eye causing me to storm out of the bathroom this morning. It seems 70 year old Sharon Bulington and her husband had refinanced their mortgage with Bank of America. Last December Sharon sent in her first new payment a week early. WRONG! Because she had sent the check a week early BOA claimed that invalidated the loan modification and began foreclosure!! Not until the she got lawyers and had her congressmen intervene did BOA relent and admit their “MISTAKE”  Their mistake was trying to foreclose on  someone who fought back.

This is why people are marching in the street including the elderly.  Bankers who are causing incredible hardship on the little guy, who have their money grubbing hands in everyone’s pockets (BOA’s $5 per month fee for using a debit card to pay for groceries) should be sent to jail with the other criminals…There’s something to this 99% mentality of the marchers. Too bad I have bad feet .

Oh, Lord, I Sound like a Republican!

Late last week Massachusetts police received a 911 call from a family lost in a corn maze. Twilight was turning to darkness and this man, woman and their children felt trapped within the maze. The police dispatcher first tried to calm the woman on the phone and then asked to speak with her husband.

When the man got on the phone, the dispatcher again assured them that police were on the way, told him to calm his wife, and then asked the husband for his age.  “42”  the man answered and then continued, “No one has come out to get us. We can see the lights of the buildings, but you’d think the people who ran this place would have come out after us.”

Now, I grew up on a farm and spent a lot of my childhood hiding and running through corn fields. I know how tall and dense the fields can get, but I always knew I could get out…and I was a child. To me the fact that these people 30 and 42 years old could actually see the lights from the farm buildings and did not walk toward the lights  is symptomatic of a people who are waiting for someone else to rescue them, who do not have either the initiative or intelligence to actually help themselves. Americans, there are no K-9 units coming to help us!

Oh, Lord, I sound like a Republican!

I Want My Country Back!

Hank Williams Jr who. in his latest drunken appearance,  compared President Obama to Hitler and declared him the “enemy” is emblematic of a deep and possibly fatal breach in the U.S.  And if we, as citizens, continue in our oblivious way, this division may ultimately destroy us.  Shortly after the 2008 election, I inadvertently dialed in to a talk radio show featuring ultra right pundit Mark Levin. With syllables dripping with venom he screeched that Liberals  wanted to destroy “Our Way of Life.” compared them with commies and socialists who hated America and declared that he wanted his country back. To every caller who agreed with him, he, as well as his alter ego Rush Limbaugh, repeated the phrase, “You’re a fine American.”

As if liberals were not?!? When did this happen? I vividly remember the dissension surrounding the Vietnamese War.  My husband was drafted and spent a year in Nam…I resented the pundits and protestors, but I never declared them unAmerican. Even in my fear for his safety, I recognized that they, too, were worried about the direction of the country. We simply disagreed — we were not enemies. I didn’t arm myself.

Now I want My country back. a land that has stood for freedom to the entire world. a country that welcomed my ancestors with open arms and gave them untold opportunities to succceed with hard work. a rich tapestry of states and communities that had a common goal  although they may have had a diverse heritage. A country which recognizes that liberal views married with conservative theories is what built this nation. A people who have always had a big heart, who helped their neighbors, even those who were silly, a people who cheered not only for our flag but for the success of our fellow citizens and who joined forces to achieve  wonders. Folks who realized that the flag worn on one’s sleeve could never compare to the flag imprinted on one’s heart. A people who believe that the Constitution was formed by our founders to be the glue that held us together, not the pathway to Civil War.  And that we are all “fine Americans.”

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