Day of Destruction, Decade of War

On this weekend when we are all remembering 9/11, I am recommending an excellent film.

Richard Engel, an extraordinary war correspondent for NBC and Rachel Maddow, commentator on MSNBC  have put together a thoughtful and dramatic documentary of the events of 9/11 and the impact on the U.S.  To sum things up..”It took 19 men armed with box cutters, sent by a vicious terrorist to change our world. It ultimately took 24 Navy Seals to track down and kill Bin Laden. In between those events we spent 1.3 trillion dollars, saw the deaths of over 6,000 soldiers, the wounding of thousands more, and unfortunately, embittered the entire muslim world.”

Engel is seen in firefights with our soldiers, interviewing Al Quaida fighters, swimming underwater with NY city police to protect bridges and giving an inside look at the protections, cameras and technology which hopefully will protect the city. They have cameras on helicopters which can track a squirrel in Central Park !)

Rachel reports the detailed  events of 9/11, interviews families of 9/11 victims, soldiers and politicians. She traces the money spent on the war, investigates the enormous use of contractors and sums up how this decade has changed our habits and fears, our economy, and our standing in the world.

It is an excellent film in that it provides a cogent and organized overview of  the events of 9/11 and the resulting years. It is in two parts, an hour each, and well worth the viewing here


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