Extreme Athletes

Anyone that knows me knows that I am the last person who could be referred to as an athlete, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire or wonder at those who achieve great things through their own tenacity and training.

This weekend was Chicago’s triathalon and one of the participants rising from Lake Michigan in a lovely pink bathing hat was Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Granted he did not participate in the full triathalon, but did a lot more than former Mayor Daley could ever contemplate.

But last week a feat was accomplished that amazed me, and I have not heard of it in the U.S. press. Six British adventurers (I love that word, adventurers…conjurs up mountain climbers, doesn’t it) rowed to the North Pole. I want to know just how one says to one’s wife, “I’m just going to pop off with the lads and row to the North Pole?” Had they practiced on the Thames, or by crossing the English Channel?

Imagine spending 28 days in this open boat rowing to the North Pole. Was there a chaser boat, a local ice cutter on standby? By the looks of the photo, they seemed on a weekend jaunt. One is simply wearing an aran sweater. This was made possible due to global warming. The ice around the North Pole has melted enough this summer to allow a small boat and 6 intrepid athletes to row within three miles of it and finish the distace by pulling the craft over the remaining ice floes. They assume that in the next few years, continue warming will most likely make the trip easier.

My question, in 2020 will we be taking cruises to the North Pole during the summer? If so, don’t ask me to help row.

For more information see the article from The Independent here: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/rowers-reach-impossible-north-pole-thanks-to-global-warming-2344689.html


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