I just want the damned recipe

While watching Sunday morning TV I saw an ad for Hellman’s mayonaise featuring a tasty looking chicken parmesan. The ad said to go to Hellmans.com to find the recipe. Easy, right? WRONG! Try it. You arrive at a page which purports to be Hellmans.com and one of the links is “chicken recipes”

When you click on that you are led to a plethora of links to chicken recipes. Be careful which one you pick, or you will be required to give your email address, phone number and date of your future baby’s birth, but no chicken parmesan recipe. One link led me to page after page of offers for services and deals, but no recipes at all. I gave up after 7 pages when my address verification failed…guess they realized there was no Lilac Lane.

Has Hellmans sold out to commercial America? Are they aware of this travesty? or complicent with the various companies advertising.

Thank God I gave my gmail account email address rather than the one I really use. I anticipate offers for baby stollers and sun-filled holidays to fill that mailbox.

The Chicken Parmesan recipe? Just google “Hellman’s Chicken Parmesan” and you will find it everywhere…just not on the Hellmans.com page. Hmmm…maybe I should use Kraft Mayo!

Err..one of my bright librarian friends, RV, pointed out that I was on a false site…Helmann’s is spelled with 2 ns…my bad…should have looked at the jar!


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  1. Rebecca
    Aug 28, 2011 @ 16:17:52

    Uh oh Ricki, you fell into a trap… It’s Hellmanns.com (2 N’s). The site you got to is not affiliated with Hellmanns whatsoever!


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