The Lady with Three Tank Tops

Attempting a wheat free existence as I am, my husband and I go out to Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet, where I can find all kinds of choices. Having assembled my two plates of salad and a glass of tea, I began one of my favorite things to do—people watching at buffets. I won’t get into how many “Wheat Belly” victims one usually sees at a buffet, but what appeared before my eyes, but a woman wearing 3 separate tank tops. Were I to try this fashion forward look, I would end up looking and feeling like a sausage.

Obviously this woman had taken great care in her selection. Each tank top was a variation of the colors in her plaid capris. Did they come as a set? Did she have to go to dozens of stores before she found the perfect colors? And what’s worse, the top one did not even cling to her svelt body. She kept passing our table, but I can’t say I ever saw her with a plate of food….was she just marching around showing off her coordinated look? her toned arms, her tan? She did not fit the locale.

I prefer the gleeful looks on the faces of children headed to the soft serve bar, Grandma telling the child he could have a cup or a cone, but remember, “you get more with a cup!” (Could that be how real buffet eaters develop?) Surely not by coordinated and layered tank tops.


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