An August Trip to Ikea

I’m off to Door County soon for another week at the fabulous Clearing folk school. This time I will be attempting to stay wheat- free so needed a number of small containers for the food I’m taking. I received a new catalog from my local Ikea (less than 3 miles from my house) and lo and behold a 12 piece container set was on sale for under $4. Done deal.

The first thing that struck me as I approached the gigantic royal blue and bright yellow building was that right by the door, sprinkled amongst the handicapped parking spots were a few designated for Hybrids. Wow, you shouild have seen the u-turn manuever I did to claim a prime spot. Already I was in a good mood. The great parking spot coupled with a wooden lazy susan calling to me (I really have been looking for one) made my smile grow wider.

This turned out to be one of my BEST shopping experiences in a long time. Why?!? One can learn a lot about America by shopping at Ikea in August. The entire 3 floors were crawling with college students preparing to go off on their own , far from Mom and Dad.

The operative word on everyone’s lips seemed to be “CHEAP”, since I kept hearing it everywhere I went. One girl said, “This is only $1.99.” Her friend countered with, “What is it?” Two young ladies, perhaps friends, perhaps new room mates were quick to point that out to each other. One girl raised a toilet bowl brush over her head and squealed, “Ooh we’ll need this, look how cheap it is.”Little did she realize that her counterpart had the most god awful look on her face. It was obvious that she had never thought that a toilet brush was in her immediate future, or that she might have to actually use it.

Next was the stud pushing a cart half full of candles and various candle holders. Do you think he plans to set the mood? Behind him was another young man, obviously an engineering student practically taking a bed apart to test its strength.

They have row of pillows for side sleepers, pillows for back sleepers and even pillows for stomache sleepers…Does that mean we all need 3 pillows?

And don’t forget the most important part of this annual shopping experience —MOTHERS. Mothers were almost as omnipresent as their offspring, and downright thrilled to help their progeny outfit their new dorm room or apartment. Most obviously handled the purse strings, and tried to coordinate the purchases., but my favorite extended her arms in a framing position toward a Klimt inspired 6 foot tall print telling her daughter, “This would be perfect as a single statement in your decor.”

Another thing I noticed is that Ikea is host to people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. truly making this a cosmopolitan place. In how many languages can you say CHEAP!?!


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  1. Lisa
    Aug 07, 2011 @ 19:23:00

    I just remember Laura and I wanting to make sure our comforters matched in our dormroom. Other than that, there was no other design statement other than “two-college-freshmen-live-here”. 😉


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