The Stupidest Lie

During my annual eye examination this morning, the technician was called out of the room by someone who characterized himself as the “Office Manager.” I suspect he needed her as a witness to the disciplining of a fellow employee.

The walls were thin, so I couldn’t help but listen as the “Office Manager” reamed out a man in the adjoining office, accusing him of taking care of personal business while on the job. He bemoaned the fact that as office manager, no one listened to him or could see what he saw.  The employee loudly disputed the accusation, said he didn’t need to hear this and was going home, because he felt sick. The O.M. as I will now call him. warned him not to do that, “don’t you do that,”and after much arguing finally said he was stepping back. All became quiet.

In a moment or two, the door to my examination room opened, and a short, rotund, officious looking man appeared at my side. It was indisputably the O.M. who proceeded to apologize for delaying my examination. He then went on to say,

” We have an employee who is nine months pregnant and she started having contractions so I needed the tech’s help. You understand, I’m sure..” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to ask him if the employee next door was the man in labor, but I was having trouble shutting my open-jawed mouth. That has to be the stupidest lie I have ever heard. It is pretty clear  to me which employee should have gone home.


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