Car Shopping with my Daughter

During her recent european vacation, my eldest daughter rented a Fiat 500 with 2 of her engineer cousins. She lovvvvvved it! and wanted one. Initially she decided she wanted a stick shift ( no doubt due to the influence of those two engineers). After a couple of gut wrenching “learn to drive stick shift” episodes with her sister, she decided that the automatic may be for her. Besides, she wanted it now.
Shift forward to Wednesday when she called asking if her dad would go test driving with her. Dad was volunteering at the library so she consented to have me accompany her. Let me preface this by saying our Mother daughter shopping trips during her teen years were excrutiating for both of us. This did not bode well.

Test driving a car with Mom is totally different than test driving with a 44+ years as an aircraft mechanic Dad. First of all we had to decide on a color. Amazingly, Fiat has lots of neat colors and interiors that aren’t boring gray. A shipment of 50 had just arrived so we were challenged to drag the salesman around 2 parking lots full of cars. Red, her first choice was sold. Yellow and black, (MY CHOICE) was nixed since “Mother, this is MY car, MY choice.” For many nervous moments I thought she was going to choose another grey car (OOOOH!), but ultimately she chose a white car with red & black interior. sharp, sharp! Did we worry about anti lock brackes or acceleration, Did we sigh about gas mileage or reliability. NOOOO!  We pondered getting a sunroof or not and whether the bluetooth and iPod connection was included. We discussed the furniture in the show room..great leather chairs and couch!

We attempted to negotiate, but probably paid too much. We got exactly the car she wanted! A successful Mom/daughter excursion!

Hmmmm…Maybe I could buy the yellow and black combination convertible for the Arizona house, couldn’t I?!?


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  1. Robbie Thomas
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 18:56:57

    Was this at the new temporary dealership in Schaumburg?


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