I Went Away for a Week & Look What Happened

My husband & I just spent a week at perhaps the best vacation spot in the country, The Clearing Folk School in Ellison Bay (Door County) Wisconsin. http://theclearing.org/2010/index.shtml Originally  founded by the prominent Danish landscape architect Jens Jensen, the Clearing is possibly the most relaxing of atmospheres. Residing in modern cabins, students trek to the lodge three times a day to eat marvelous food such as eggs benedict, Swedish pancakes with hot cherry sauce and whipped cream, fresh whitefish from the bay, barbecue ribs,  and perhaps the best luncheon dessert, ruby ripe strawberries with individual pots of the Clearing’s famous hot fudge sauce. In addition to wooded hikes, wondrous sunsets, views of the three pines, & a table for puzzles,  you can actually learn something during the week. I took an oil painting class this time but I have attended week long book discussions and learned photoshop techniques in the past. My husband took a furniture making class in the wonderful  woodshop creating a replica of a 100+ year old child’s chair.

With no tv, internet, radios and phones (except for emergencies) we were virtually out of touch with  the world. We knew that a horrible heat wave had hit the Midwest…we too, even up in Door Co. were experiencing 90 + weather, but what had happened in the debt limit talks in Washington? Surely they had come to some compromise! NOOOOOO! NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!

Watching the Sunday news shows  I am seeing the same old finger-pointing and that Koch Brothers script verbage “we have a spending problem” spouted by every Republican as if it were a bible verse they learned to recite at their contributor’s knee.  In fact that is exactly where they learned the phrases they are constantly quoting.   The billionaire Koch brothers are driving this entire dissension in Washington. Far right proponents of state’s rights and very limited government, they are monetarily funding those candidates who vow to roll back any of Roosevelt’s New Deal programs they can…especially entitlement programs.  I’m not sure they wouldn’t blow up Hoover Dam and let the Colorado run free if they could. After all it was built by a WPA/PWA work project..(My father helped build it)  They want to get the tax rate back to where it was in the 1930’s extremely non existent, especially for the rich. They want to destroy unions and fund ads that demonize labor unions. In the last 3 years they have donated 40+ million in attack ads, & candidate support. They especially want to roll back any kind of regulation of industries or companies. Let them pollute as they will as long as it is profitable. They completely deny the theory of climate change. With the weather we have been enduring, how could you still take that view…Oh, I forgot, they don’t want their companies regulated so they just deny climate change. How very different are other billionaires in this country, men like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who donate billions of dollars for the betterment of our citizens rather than build barricades around the wealth of the rich.

…And if we swallow their theories, our way of life will be gone.   Think I’ll head back to Door County.


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