Evil Wheat

One of the book galleys I have downloaded to read and review is called Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by Dr. William Davis a Wisconsin cardiologist. This book has blown me away. Unfortunately for you, it will not be published until the end of August.

Dr. Davis maintains that there is a direct corrollation between the aggressive genetic engineering of modern day wheat and the rise in obesity, type II diabetes, and various gluten intolerant diseases such as celiac disease.

In 1970 Norman Ernest Borlaugh won the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to genetically create a high-yielding short-strawed, disease-resistant wheat. It seemed to be the salvation of the hungry famine-ridden inhabitants of part of this planet. However, as Dr. Davis shows,  this wheat is everywhere and is, indeed, almost advertised by our own government which advocates the use of “Healthy multi-grain whole wheat products.” As the usage of this type of wehat took over, in the 80s and 90s obesity grew, more and more adults came down with adult onset diabetes, people developed the “wheat belly inner tube protuberance around their middles. including me.

For the past few years, especially after beginning to take insulin, I have time and time attempted to lose weight using weight watchers, counting calories (under 1500 daily) going on low-carb diets, etc.  The result has been absolutely nil. But, I did notice that when I went on a low carb diet, my diabetes and blood counts improved measurably. In addition, a friend of mine discovered that she was wheat intolerant and that by going gluten free cured her migraines. My own daughter  announced this weekend that she has discovered that her lifelong stomach troubles seem to be exacerbated when she eats wheat.

I talked to my endocrinologist yesterday and he was not surprised to hear that wheat may be the culprit. Moreover, he has encouraged my eliminating wheat from my diet to see how it effects both my diabetes and weight. If we see positive results, he may begin having his other diabetic patients at least limit their wheat intake. I’ve decided to set mid August as my begin date. I will reread his book, and begin de-wheating my home. Believe me this will be hard. Look at labels. We think that sugar and high fructose syrup is everywhere, count how many foods in the supermarket are wheat-based. Aisles and aisles of them.

Stay tuned, this hopefully will be my best project yet.


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  1. Gwenyth Udd
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 17:23:50

    Ricki, I’ve been wheat-free for three years. One thing you might not have thought about is communion wafers…your church probably has gluten-free ones that you can request. And you’ve seen me at restaurants. Biaggi’s and P.F. Chang’s have nice gluten-free menus. Outback has great gluten-free BBQ ribs! Gwenyth


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