The Great Golf Match of 2011

Saturday, John Boehner and President Obama met on the golf course as partners .  Pitting themselves against Vice President Biden and Ohio Governor Kasich , they came out triumphant on the 18th hole.  One could only hope the two of them could continue this camaraderie away from the pressures of their parties and the ever present media.

I believe that essentially these are two decent men who really want what’s best for this country. They have a huge number of problems facing them and espouse two contradictory political theories.  IF it were just the two of them, I have no doubt they could make some compromises and come up with some ideas to both cut spending and to raise revenues as well as develop some programs to get people back to work.

However, this is not a year for logical thought.  The very word “compromise”  has become symbolic of giving in to the other side. Well, I hate to tell them but we are not going forward unless they both compromise to some extent.  The longer both parties posture and feign horror at what the other party wants, the farther in debt we are getting and the longer it will be before we get this country out of the sand trap.

Come on Mr Boehner…ignore Rush Limbaugh and come up with some ideas!

Come on President Obama, actually do what you’ve said!


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  1. Debbie Mytnik
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 13:12:51

    Your blog looks wonderful Ricki! I look forward to reading your rants and opinions. But I do agree with you that compromise from both parties needs to happen. Lets keep our fingers crossed that their golf outing has helped to create a better friendship and understanding between them all.



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